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13 Step-by-Step Airbrush Lessons Guaranteed to Improve Your Skill

Are you an aspiring airbrush artist? If you've spent any time working with an airbrush I'm sure you're familiar how difficult it is to master, not to mention the expense... Don't learn from trial and error. Save yourself time and money by learning proven techniques correctly to propel your skills to the next level.

Take 5 Years Off Your Learning Curve!

Too many people buy expensive airbrush equipment with all the best intentions of using it, then get frustrated with the lack of information for beginners and put all that expensive stuff in the closet to gather dust. Most books and information available on the market today assume that you are either already an established airbrush artist or only gives you the most basic information about how to set up your new equipment.

Classic Airbrush Techniques starts from the beginning and goes all the way to professional techniques, laying out detailed airbrush lessons that guide through exactly what you need to do to get to the next level.

We have obtained the rights to resell these classic airbrush lessons once again to the public, after being "lost" for decades. Written by professional airbrush artists of the 1950s who used the airbrush to produce professional work the way many people use computer graphics programs today.

You get 13 lessons packed with valuable information that will reduce your learning curve by years.

You will receive specific instructions and printable line drawings to complete paintings such as these...

Lesson 2 - Shading 3-D Objects

airbrush 3D Shading lesson

Lesson 4 - Light Source

airbrush light source lesson

Lesson 6 - Flat and Curved Surfaces

airbrushing flat and curved surfaces


Learn How To Airbrush with lessons from masters whose livelihood depended on their airbrush skills.

Start Using Your Airbrush Today!

Lesson 7 - Machine Nut

airbrushing machine nut lesson

Lesson 11 - Skin Tones

airbrushing skin tones lesson

Lesson 12 - Combining Effects

airbrush using multiple effects

You will learn all the classic airbrush information that is just as relevant today.

  • Control your airbrush
  • Rendering 3 dimensional objects
  • Control of tones
  • Lighting Effects
  • Greater confidence in ability to control the airbrush
  • Chrome effects
  • Commercial Illustration
  • Production Illustration
  • Architectural Illustration

And best of all, these guys did it before there was the huge commercial market for hobbyists, so you will learn how to do things "the old fashioned way" saving a ton of money on new gimmicky products.

Airbrush Technique Ebook

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What Will You Receive?

The book is presented in two halves, totaling 110 pages. The first half presents the fundamentals of using the airbrush, and basic exercises to improve your confidence with the airbrush. The second half offers professional exercises to develop your technical skill rendering objects, textures, and effects. Photo Retouching, Commercial Illustration, Production Illustration, and Architectural Illustration are also covered with specific directions and printable outlines for you to practice as often as needed until you can master each skill.

You have seen the prices for other airbrush books and videos... This How-To Airbrush information could easily sell for well over $67. But you can order now through our secure Clickbank checkout process for only $27.

You will receive Classic Airbrush Techniques as a PDF file to instantly download. You wil be able to enjoy the book on your computer, printing pages as necessary. You'll find the lesson outlines very valuable to print multiple copies and compare your progress as you complete each.

"All of my airbrush equipment was gathering dust, I had been so frustrated trying to learn how to use it. But after working through the lessons in this book, I'm now able to enjoy regular use of my equipment and further develop my skills."

Karen Oxford

Riverside, CA


money back guaranteeAnd if that's not enough, your satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED for 60 days, so you have nothing to lose.


But Wait, There's More...

Limited Time BonusAirbrush Tattoo Guide

($24.95 Value)

Make Money With Your Airbrush!

For a limited time when you order you will receive a second digital guide along with your purchase. The Airbrush Tattoo Startup Guide will be yours free as a bonus for ordering.

This 12-page guide is packed with useful information for you to start your own business with your airbrush, with the potential to make $150 an hour or more! Written by Dave Hahn of This is a $24.95 value, yours free when you purchase Classic Airbrush Techniques.

Here are a few examples of what you'll learn...

  • Who to look for when taking classes and purchasing future books and DVDs.
  • How to choose airbrushes.
  • What to use as an airsource.
  • Recommended inks, make-ups, and stencils.
  • Basic steps of TAT (temporary airbrush tattoo) application.
  • TAT care.
  • Equipment maintenance.
  • Marketing opportunities.
  • And much more…

Get the secrets the pros don't want you to know. The information in this guide will pay for itself many times over.


airbrush technique ebookairbrush guide

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money back guaranteeP.S. Remember, Classic Airbrush Techniques is backed by our 100% Guarantee for 60 days so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. What are you waiting for? Start improving your airbrush skills today!

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